Why Surya


At Surya, we value the human resources and strongly believes in team work. All the landmarks and milestones that we have been able to achieve has been possible because of our great human resources. From time to time we do arrange skill enhancement programs across India to ensure that people learn through the cultural atmosphere along with giving some moral and Indian values to make Surya a world class example to all the other companies. We also know that skills shared across functions strengthen the company as a whole. Therefore, we keep on organizing interdepartmental engagement programs.

To support the growth rate of our employees, we also focus on organizing health camps & training programs. This gives the confidence to perform both mentally and physically and ensures employee stability within the organization. With all of these activities, we focus on employee’s personal growth to ensure that organizational goals are efficiently met.

Social and environmental responsibility have always been the focus of Surya and as a result, we consistently contribute to the socially responsible activities by empowering our employee’s life. At Surya, we believe that in order to succeed an organization must maintain the highest standard of corporate behaviour to its employees, consumer and community in which it operates.

From Steel pipes to PVC pipes and from Lighting to Fans & Home Appliances, Surya’s diverse range of products has benefited countless people over the years. With the innovation in lighting technology and venturing into LED, Surya has opened newer verticals reaching out to the nook and cranny of the nation, giving people a chance to avail the advantage of this new age technology while at the same time contributing towards a greener tomorrow.