Surya – The Market Leader in Steel Pipes

Today Surya is the name to reckon with not only in India but across the globe with exports to over 50 countries worldwide and a turnover of approx. 800 Million USD. Surya has World’s top notch certifications and gradations when it comes to integrity, longevity and quality of their products at the right prices. Surya holds the strongest dominance for steel pipes in India. To keep with the burgeoning demands of all kinds of pipes, Surya steel pipes have an installed capacity of producing approximately 1 Million Metric Tonnes in its 4 plants along with word class equipment suppliers like the Byard Malaysia & GE Germany etc. Since all the manufacturing is in house, Surya maintains a strict surveillance over the quality of end product. No wonder, Today Surya is one of the Global Leaders in steel pipe manufacturing.

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