Challenger 150W/250 SV (Deep Drawn)

Cat. Ref. Lamp Type Case Lot
SUL 150 SV SR DD/01
HUL 15 SV SR DD/001 WOA 1X150W SV-E 2
ACUL 15 SV SR DD/01 6
SOCB 150 SV/MH 1X150W SV/MH 12
SUL 25 SV SR DD/01
HUL 25 SV SR DD/01 WOA 1X250W SV-E 2
ACUL 25 SV SR DD/01 6
SOCB 250 SV/MH 1x250W SV/MH 6
Single piece deep drawn aluminium street lighting fixture with side reflector optics, Acrylic, prewired with all accessories and ballast packed separately.
Note: Case lot of Acrylic cover is 6 nos.