• 2016: Commissioning of New Steel Pipe Plant at Hindupur (A.P.)
  • 2015: Launch of Surya Home Appliances
  • 2014: Launch of Surya Fans
  • 2012: Surya Technology and Innovation Centre (R&D centre) for energy-efficient LED lights went operational at Noida
  • 2010: Set up of Steel Pipe Plant at Gwalior (M.P)
    A new world-class pipe unit started production at Bhuj (SGSTL- an Associate Company)
    PVC plant became operational
  • 2006: Installed CFL unit at Gwalior (M.P)
  • 1998: Asia’s largest ribbon glass plant started with annual capacity of 400 million GLS and 25 million FTL shells
  • 1994: A new modern glass plant started
  • 1992: Second lighting plant went commercial at Gwalior (M.P), production of filament for GLS and FTL commenced
  • 1991: Production of CR Strips began
  • 1989: Production of HPSVL and energy-efficient 26mm FTL began
  • 1984: The first Lighting plant started at Kashipur
  • 1980: Galvanizing Plant got started
  • 1973: Set up of Steel plant at Bahadurgarh