Buying Home Appliances for Mitigating Domestic Tasks

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Buying new home appliances is not only exciting but also requires substantial amount of investment in lieu of which many of your domestic tasks can be easily completed and to a great extent. The technology used in home appliances have undergone sea of changes over the years and there are numerous questions that you will require to get valid answers for before making a purchase. In short, you have to make sure that you have invested in the right option before shelling out your hard-earned money.

Search online and know what you need
An online search can help you find the right tactics for buying home appliances, be it a mixer-juicer-grinder or an induction cooktop. Moreover, you can view various types of appliances and understand the specifications of each one of them before zeroing down on an option. Keeping in mind that home appliances tend to make your life easier, looks do not matter much when compared with the other parameters such as the size and purpose of the appliances. It is more important to figure out your needs rather than get overwhelmed with the options that you come across while searching on the internet.

Budget and family
Do you need a home appliance for the entire family or do you need something for personal use? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself before you start researching for the options. A good idea is to discuss this matter with your family to find out their thoughts and opinions. The next thing to keep in mind is the budget that you have set for buying the appliance. In a majority of occasions, buying a new home appliance is likely to exceed your budget but make sure that you do not end overspending on it. If you have a big family, investing a little more makes real sense when you have to cater to the expectations of all the members.

Product warranty and energy efficiency
Whatever the storekeeper may suggest, do not go on with your investments blindly. Reading the warranty of the manufacturer is important as you need to find out the parts that are covered under the policy and those for which you may have to spend for maintenance and repairing. Surely there are some great looking home appliances out there but do not bend down with the aesthetics solely. For instance, not buying an energy efficient model as it is not as impressive as its counterpart can turn out to be a meaningless decision. Buying an energy efficient home appliance implies that you will save money in the long run.

  Analyzing the prices
If you are not aware of this fact, prices not only vary from one manufacturer to the other but also in case of showrooms. Do not settle down for anything in a hurry but spend more time visiting different showrooms for negotiating with the storeowner so that you can get the best price ever. Moreover, some showrooms have sales people that are more congenial when compared with another showroom which can help you gather more information about the home appliance that you intend to buy. Just remember that you have to count on the functionality of a home appliance regularly. Therefore, making a wise decision can help you procure the right appliance that suffices your requirements.


LED Lights over Incandescent & CFL

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Light Emitting Diode or more popularly known as LED is a new age technology that has taken the world by storm. Most of us were accustomed to the incandescent lights that have been the prime source of electric light for over decades. Not only it performed well, Incandescent lights became an integral part of our lives bringing hassle-free brightness to our houses, offices, public places and where not.

Incandescent lights ruled the lighting industry possible for the longest period of time. Even with the advent of the fluorescent lamps, people were not ready to let go of incandescent lights because by that time it has become more of a habit and also because of the convenience attached to its usage. It was only after the emergence of the Compact Florescent Lamps or more commonly known as the CFL that the Incandescent Lamps took a backseat.

CFLs were more reliable, gave more brightness, consumed lesser power and was comparatively not that expensive. Suddenly every household light source was replaced with CFLs with more and more people opting for it. Although CFLs are still very much in use, it is assumed that the tenure of the CFLs will be much short-lived as compared to Incandescent Lights and this is mainly because of the emergence of the LED lights in the lighting industry.

Diodes and Light Emitting Diodes are there and are being used as electronic components for a long time now. They are basically semiconductor devices that help in regulating the flow of electricity. Diodes that emit light when electricity is passed through them is known as Light Emitting Diodes or LED. Since the invention of diodes as a legitimate light source, the whole face of electric lights has been revolutionised.

LED Lights are not only brighter than the CFL or Incandescent Lights, but also have lesser warm-up time which is usually required by CFLs to give out their full brightness after being switched on. LEDs have been slowly taking over the market since their arrival and that’s because the countless beneficial features that LEDs have to sport. During the time of Incandescent Lights and also CFLs, we used to choose a light bulb according to their wattage such as 40W, 60W, 100W and so on. In LEDs, however, it’s totally a different story. For example, a common incandescent bulb of 60W would give out anything between 8 to 900 lumens of light. While at the same time, an LED of 60W would give out around 4000 lumens of light which is far too much to be used indoor. Hence, in place of a 60W incandescent light bulb, we can use 7-12W LED and can expect the same amount of brightness or maybe even more.

Also, an LED light usually comes with a warranty that’s much higher than the Incandescent or CFL lights. A normal LED can usually last up to 25000 burning hours which is much higher than that of Incandescent or CFL lights. LED lights are also eco-friendly and consume a lot lower electricity as compared to Incandescent lights, almost up to 85% lesser. Surya Roshni Ltd. is one of the pioneers when it comes to LED lighting. Spearheading the lighting revolution in India, Surya along with many other organisations have come up with LED products which are one of the hot selling products in the market.


Electric Fan – Over the years!

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One of the most common electric appliances than can be found in every household, be it big or small, these days is the electric fan. And not just now, the electric fan has been there for a substantial amount of time. From handheld fans to mechanical fans run by steam, oil or even alcohol, usage of different type of fans was prevalent and quite popular until the electric fan was invented in the 1880s. The first electric fan was invented by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler of LA and was commercially marketed by the American firm Crocker & Curtis electric motor company. Since then the world has seen a huge paradigm shift with the electrical fan becoming one of the common electrical appliances to be found in most of the households all over the world.

In today’s world, the technology used in electrical fans has evolved by leaps and bounds. The world witnessed an ocean of changes during the period of 1910 to 1920 and it was during that time only the electric fan was developed majorly for residential use. Over the years, it was changed and modified according to the requirement. It was also during this time that the fan was being mass produced which enabled the manufacturers to lower the overall price and, in turn, making it more convenient to use by the mass population.

With the advent of the air conditioning both in domestic residences and office spaces, it seemed as if the usage of fan would take a backseat. However, soon people realised the cost factor attached to the usage of air conditioners. Although the air conditioners cooled the air with much better results, it consumed a large amount of electricity and resulted in high electricity bills. Many people were of the opinion that paying such hefty amount for using the air conditioners was not justified and hence the popularity of electric fans was never compromised.

With more and more advancement in the technology used in the electric fans, the usability of the electric fans also increased. Fans with better functionality that provided more air with lesser electricity consumption and lesser noise are now available and that too in the most reasonable price. In today’s scenario, there are a number of companies which are involved in the process of manufacturing electric fans in India. Surya Roshni Ltd. is one such conglomerate which has done pioneering work in manufacturing world-class electric fans for the domestic purpose.

Surya fans come in varied shapes, sizes and segments that suit everyone’s requirement. From ceiling fans to table, pedestal and wall fans to heavy duty exhaust fans, the wide range of Surya fans help the customers a great deal in easily getting the exact product that they need. Surya also makes sure to manufacture high-end fans that are synonymous with luxury and adds to the interior décor of the house.

With the invention and evolution of the electric fan over the years, one thing can be surely said that this is one of the most important inventions and over time its usability and usage will only increase. The electric fan may have come a long way already, but it can be well said that its journey has just started.


Traditional Juicer Mixer Grinder Vs. Modern Day Technologies

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A juicer mixer grinder is one of the essential components of a kitchen whether it is beating, mixing, whipping and folding food items. A lot of changes have come about when it comes to the traditional and manual equipment as compared to the modern day technologies. Electrical appliances have taken over the manual devices that were used in traditional kitchens. One of the primary reasons for which modern day appliances are preferred over the conventional devices is space crunch. Instead of buying a juicer mixer and grinder separately, it is wise enough to invest in a unit that comes with the capacity of all these functions.

Let us have a quick glance at the modern day machines and how they differ from the manually operated devices.

Manual and present day mixers

Manual mixers were operated using a handle and crank on either side of the device that is attached to the beaters. You can move the handle with one hand and the crank with the other for crushing the food items. However, the modern day mixers have a custom-built structure that does not require manual intervention. You have to simply put the food ingredients in the juicer and get a glass of juice or milkshake with minimum effort. Time is a major constraint in the modern day world. Thus, the uses of hand mixers have reduced to a great extent.

Stand mixer and hand mixer

You will come across a variety of devices for mixing the ingredients that are required in the kitchen. For instance, a stand mixer is more effective due to its ergonomic design and is often used in modern kitchens. The modern day devices include technology that aids in better performance as compared with the manual mixers that were common in traditional kitchens.

Traditional and modern day juicers

The advent of modern technology and its use in the modern day juicer is not only convenient but retains the nutritional quality of the juice and fibers that are essential for the human body. In a conventional juicer, the motor was not powerful and it was practically impossible to prepare smoothies and juices to perfection. However, the conventional juicer is still used in kitchens and many people prefer using it for preparing juices.

Difference in design and function

The juicers that are available today can help you get more juice from the fruits due to the presence of powerful blades. Although a traditional juicer retains the nutritional value of the juice, you might not have enough time to follow the manual operation system. The user-friendly devices have captivated the minds of users as they have realized the convenience of using the devices that come with modern technology when compared to the traditional juicers.

Modern and traditional grinders

A majority of the traditional grinders were made from stone with manual operation. However, as the days progressed, companies started incorporating new technology which is more powerful along with convenient usage options. Modern day kitchens have fewer storage facilities when compared to the traditional kitchens. Thus, you have to arrive at a wise decision when it comes to replacing traditional grinders and considering the new devices that rule the market.

The comparison of modern and traditional mixer juicer grinder allows you understand the operations of both the devices. You may analyze various options that are available in the retail market before buying a device that suits your requirements.



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